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Hi there! I’m Dan.

I’ve always liked to write. I picked up a journaling habit a few years ago, and I’ve been regularly recording my ruminations ever since. Peoples' minds work through lots of interesting thoughts and problems throughout their lives. Most go unrecorded, and I think that’s a tragedy.

I’m interested in lots of things–mathematics, computer science, philosophy, music, and art, to name the big ones. I enjoy writing about these subjects in isolation, but I especially enjoy writing about the strange, surprising, and often beautiful ways in which they interact or translate to one another (isomorphisms, of sorts).

Outside of these interests, I enjoy mountaineering, skiing, and botany. I’m slowly working my way through the Colorado 14ers, and my collection of carnivorous plants continues to grow! I currently work at Jane Street Capital and am based out of New York City.

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Ruminations on mathematics, computer science, philosophy, art, and life, as well as the unlikely threads connecting them together.


Hi there! I’m Dan. I’m a researcher, computer scientist, botanist, and mathematician based out of New York City.